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A Tradition Of Great Stories

May 5, 2014 - Stacey Sacco
Each of my children has a unique birth story. Not one of them went just the way it was planned. They all throw a curve ball around the time of birth, just for fun. Matthias was in a hurry: early and fast, especially for a first child. Justus was ten pounds, producing the longest, most painful experience of my life. Anelise was breech and required an external version in order to make her appearance. The birth of our fourth child, Iris, was no exception.

As we were approaching her due date, I was hoping she would arrive before that date. Not only was my doctor planning to be out of town on her due date, but it was also Easter weekend. I would prefer to spend the Easter holiday with my kids and family rather than sitting in the hospital.

Two days before my due date, I had given up the idea of having a baby to wear the second Easter dress I had made for my girls. And maybe that was OK. We could get through the holiday before having to adjust to a new schedule (lack of schedule) that comes with having a newborn in the house. I had resigned myself to being pregnant for more than forty weeks.

The day before my due date was busy and stressful. I didn’t realize until I sat down with the kids to read books before bed that I was having some regular but completely unimpressive contractions. I told my husband I wasn’t feeling great and went to bed shortly after all the kids were in bed.

I woke at 1:15, which isn’t at all unusual for a very pregnant woman. It took about 15 minutes to realize that the contractions were still there and finally getting strong enough to do something about it. I told Ron to call my parents to come over, but there was no hurry. If they could be here in the next hour that would be great.

As the contractions gradually got stronger, we started to prepare to leave for the hospital. I was pointing out what needed to go as Ron took everything to the car. Being the middle of the night, I didn’t want to leave the house in my pajamas, so I went to the bathroom to change. I knew we would need to leave soon and wanted to be ready when my parents arrived.

In the time it took me to wash my hands, contractions went from uncomfortable but manageable to knock-me-off-my-feet painful. With the next contraction, my water broke like Niagara Falls all over the bathroom. I yelled for Ron, but when he came to check on me, my parents weren’t here yet to stay with the kids.

He went back downstairs to look for them. But he was soon back upstairs when I yelled that I could feel her head. A minute later, my husband was cradling our brand new baby girl while sitting on the bathroom floor. My parents had walked in the door as she was born. It was 2:25am, just over an hour after I woke.

The chaos, of course, woke all three kids. My first view of my new daughter was my husband holding her (still attached to my body) with all three other kids surrounding her in amazement of their moments-old sister. Yes, I cried… a lot.

Ron was fabulously calm about it all. He was confident in our ability to bring her safely into the world when it became obvious we didn’t have another choice. He was encouraging and supportive to me and made sure the kids all understood that we were OK despite the noise and the blood.

If you would have told me this was a possibility a month ago, I would have answered that it just can’t happen because I would be a disaster. Surely, I would panic and screw up something important. Turns out, when the situation arises and you have no choice but to handle it, you do. I didn’t have time to think about my worries or “what ifs” until it was all over. Then I had the chance to panic.

We called the paramedics and were transported to the hospital. We stayed for 48 hours, but both were healthy and perfectly fine. We returned home on Easter Sunday, just in time to celebrate with our first dinner as a family of six.

Just like her siblings, Iris has an amazing and unique birth story. Giving birth at home and unassisted was both exhilarating and terrifying. I am so proud of us both for handling an unexpected situation with grace. Given the choice, I would still chose to give birth in the hospital, but I think we’re rock stars for working as a team to bring our daughter into the world, surrounded by her siblings. The memories may fade for the kids, but I will carry that experience in my heart forever, just as I do her siblings’ births.


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