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Products that make Momsense

October 25, 2010 - Betsy Bethel
Occasionally, I like to highlight products that have caught my attention.

You have to understand it's not easy to catch my or any editor's attention. Our filtering process is brutal. It has to be. When you receive over 200 e-mails a day on average, many of them pitching must-have products, "new and improved" this or that, the latest in "green" parenting, feature articles from free-lancers and yet another new parenting book that has all the answers ... Well, you tend to get delete happy.

But here are a few items that gave me pause. They remained in my inbox long enough, surviving several passes through, to warrant publishing here. I hope to write a "Products That Make Momsense" column more regularly, perhaps once a month. Some of these things are just too good to keep to myself. And, bonus — once I blog about them I can finally delete the pitches from my inbox!

1. Lands’ End promotes its 2010 line of kids' outerwear as having "practical perks." I agree. Just one example —  They now have a Grow-A-Long feature on jackets and snow pants that gives them staying power even if your kid sprouts an inch over the winter. "Simply turn the jacket or pants inside out, snip and remove the designated brightly colored thread and pull to lengthen sleeves an extra 1 1/2 inches, while legs gain 2 inches." Brilliant.

2. So, buying cases of water is finally a thing of the past as reusable water bottles have made a comeback in the name of conservation. My budget, as well as the environment, is thankful. But most of the trendy brushed metal reusable bottles have small necks and openings leaving the interior recesses potential breeding grounds for bacteria. Ick. Seattle Sports has created the H2Duo to address this issue. "The H2Duo features a screw-off upper half allowing you to easily fill your bottle with ice and give it a proper scrubbing. Once the traditionally narrow top is screwed off, the bottom half of the bottle can also function as a cup." I was worried the screw-off top would be leaky, but a month-long test drive has made me a fan.

3. I don't know about your kid, but mine has a runny nose nine months out of the year. She's not going to carry around tissues in her pocket, but she might clip them to her backpack or belt loop, especially if they are packaged in a cute little sack. The mom-created Sniffle Duffle kit comes in a variety of patterns for boys, girls and adults, has a carabiner clip and is dual-sided — one pouch holds the tissues, while the backside has an elastic pocket to stow away used tissues until a garbage can is handy. It also has an organic face/lip balm to soothe the chappies and a hand sanitizer spray tucked in the side. Also great for hiking, sleepovers and for babies — just clip to the diaper bag.

4. Knock on wood, I haven't had to de-louse my child and my home yet. But I know plenty of families who've been through this nightmare. Having a girl, I won't have the option of shaving her head, and I dread the thought of picking through every strand of hair or washing her head with a highly toxic pesticide. Now there's an alternative lice killer that, although I haven't tried it, apparently 3,000 school systems in all 50 states have and say it works. It's called the Robi Comb, made by LiceGuard. It is an electric comb powered by a AA battery that detects and kills lice on contact when combed through dry hair. "When the Robi Comb's metal teeth touch lice, the lice get zapped, die and then get combed away. Unlike chemical treatments, the Robi Comb can be used as often as you like and can be used repeatedly by the entire family. The Robi Comb lets you know by an audible signal whether or not head lice are present, so it can be used to detect an infestation as well as treat it." The electric part kind of freaks me out — I've always been taught and tell my daughter to keep away from those bug zapper death traps, after all. But at the same time, it appeals to me to not have to use chemicals. It only kills lice, not brain cells, and I'm pretty certain it's not going to set her hair on fire. Now, here's hoping you — and I — will never need it!


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H2Duo reusable water bottles have screw-off tops for easy cleaning.


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