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Must the show go on?

September 9, 2011 - Betsy Bethel
We have a performer in the family. OK, another performer. I love to perform on my chosen instrument, the bagpipes. I even loved to perform as a thespian in high school and have sung in a few church choirs -- but to my chagrin I slept in the day God was handing out talent in acting and singing.

I am not a particularly gifted piper, but 98 percent of the time I can put on a decent performance. I enjoy talking about the pipes, too, and always feel a rush of good vibes after a performance (well, performances other than funerals).

So it's not a surprise that Emma enjoys putting on a show. Whether it's composing tunes on the piano; making up songs in the car, at the dinner table or in the bath; or acting out scenes in the living room, she loves to be "on." We try to always encourage her creativity by listening attentively and cheering when she takes a bow.

I am in a quandary now, however, because all summer long at various points, Emma discussed putting on a "rock show" in our back yard. Now that school is back in and she has been reunited with her friends — the band members — she is even more excited about this show and keeps asking me when it's going to be.

"I'll be the singer and Andy and Wesley will be in the band and Jack P. And Alaina and Pitter Pat and Payton can be the backup singers." The names change depending on who Emma played with or sat next to at lunch that day.

"You have to call all the moms, Mom, and we'll have it in our back yard. And you'll make all the food."

For the first couple months, I did the obligatory nod and smile response, occasionally throwing in a skeptical sing-songy "Oooooh, really? Ooooo Kaayyyy."

But she is growing more insistent that this rock show is going to happen ... complete with instruments and sound system ... in our back yard.

So I've been trying to explain how difficult it would be to pull this off.

Me: First you have to make sure all your friends know the songs. I don't think any of them have the "Radio Wayne" CD. (Wayne Brady's CD for kids -- that's a whole other blog.) Plus, you need to figure out your dance routine. That's called choreography. And you'll need a sound system.

Emma: Wellll, Mrs. H-L (her principal) has a speaker. Actually, she has TWO of them!" Come on, Mom, you call all my friends' moms. Can we do it tonight?

Me: What, call them tonight? I don't have all their phone numbers.

Emma: No, do the show tonight!


I truly don't see this dream of hers ever coming to fruition. At least not without several rehearsals and a change of venue -- our back yard is plenty big but I am just not keen on hosting her entire kindergarten class and their families.

At the same time, I think: "You're her mom. You're supposed to help make her dreams come true. You're overthinking it."

I don't know, though. I guess, a Stage Mom, I'm not! Any advice would be appreciated!!!


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