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A Penny for Your Thoughts

April 4, 2011 Here’s a thought. more »»

Use Your Noodle

March 7, 2011 Hurry up, Spring! Winter has hung around so long that even my family’s favorite pasta supper is ho-hum. I’ve made salads, casseroles, and tossed pasta with everything. more »»

A Hum-Bug Free Christmas

December 3, 2010 “Bah! Humbug!” Ebenezer Scrooge said at thoughts of Christmas merrymaking Remember Scrooge, the miserly old man in Charles Dickens’ holiday favorite, “A Christmas Carol”? Through “supernatural... more »»

Rev Up the Kind-O-Meter

November 5, 2010 Are children born with the kindness gene? How old are they when that gene surfaces? For some it seems to take much longer than with other. more »»

Don't Just Hear — Listen

October 5, 2010 For generations, kids have enjoyed “The Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk” and other “Jack” tale. more »»

Wake Up, It's Time for School!

September 3, 2010 It’s a little like herding cats getting the kids to switch into back-to-school mode. more »»

Rainbows and Puddle Jumpers

April 5, 2010 Maybe it will be April rains that finally wash away the dirty ice mounds that linger in the parking lots. I am finished with dagger style icicles and black ice. more »»

Spring Matters

March 8, 2010 Kids have mastered time management. more »»

You Are My Sunshine

January 12, 2010 Have you ever wondered where the last seasonal yuletide greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, go after they are wished? My guess is that the cheery sentiments hang somewhere out there in th... more »»

Keeping the Goblins of Greedyville at Bay

December 3, 2009 Twinkling candles, Christmas trees, children’s voices raised in traditional carols and songs. Ah yes, it is holiday season again. more »»

November — Build a Train of Thoughts

November 4, 2009 James, a pre-schooler, sits on his very small two wheeler at the end of his driveway. more »»

A Johnny Appleseed Idea

October 1, 2009 October is sweater weather at my house. Sometimes as I lift our heavy sweaters from the storage box, I think about my red woolen sweater and my early life on Frog Hollow farm near Sonora, Ohi. more »»

A Cup of Kindness

July 1, 2009 Fresh strawberries, yellow squash and green beans were a feast for my eyes. more »»

Feathering Our Nests

May 4, 2009 Once again the backyard competition is on. It is nest building time and the birds are squabbling for prime real estate in secluded areas such as our thick and branchy ligustrum hedge in the back yard. more »»

Flowers Have Power Beyond Beauty

April 3, 2009 Sometimes we amaze ourselves with the tidbits of weird wisdom that flow from the parental fountain of secret knowledge. All it takes is a seemingly simple conversation with a child to start the flo. more »»

Living Room Tent Trip

March 4, 2009 Signs of spring and pesky leprechauns arrive in March: a coincidence — or is it? Robins return, daffodils peek through dry leaves, and the kids fuss about wearing coats on sunny day. more »»

The Cinnamon Consipiracy

December 3, 2008 As the months come and go, we may grow weary as our senses are bombarded with ever changing seasonal sights and sound. more »»

Sneaky Pizza From Scratch

November 1, 2008 Do you ever have Mama Bird issues? You peek into the nest, and all you see are hungry babies stretching their little mouths wide open. “I’m starving ... Feed me ... NOW,” they pee. more »»



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