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Make a Date in 2011 With Magnetic Calendar

January 14, 2011 When the four Gustafson kids step off the yellow school bus and through the side door of their home, they step right into family time. more »»

Gem of a Gift: Potato Jewelry

December 3, 2010 If you are looking for some inexpensive but fantastic gifts you and your kids can make and give this holiday season, here’s my favorite and one many readers have requested this fall. more »»

Cheer Someone on This Week

November 5, 2010 I was up at the crack of dawn on a recent weekend morning for the Twin Cities Marathon. It was a perfect fall da. more »»

Make and Play a Bean Tambourine

October 5, 2010 The next time your youngest school-age kids and their friends are listening to one of their favorite CDs, kick up the sound and liven up the beat with a bean tambourine. more »»

Plan a Preschool Jungle Safari Party

September 3, 2010 If there’s a birthday in your house this month, go on a safari! A birthday party safari that is, right in your own backyard or neighborhood park. more »»

Bread Bears a Healthy Treat

April 5, 2010 Baking bread is just plain fun when your preschoolers shape prepared dough into adorable bear shapes. more »»

Perk Up Your Child on a Sick Day

March 8, 2010 If a flu or cold bug has invaded your house this winter, you know firsthand how the family routine is instantly thrown out of sync. more »»

Matching Game

January 14, 2010 Ready for a game of concentration? When the weather brings kids indoors, or the big kids are off playing sports and your preschoolers are left behind, this match game is as much fun for them to make... more »»

Cut and Paste for Unique Gifts

November 4, 2009 Say “cut and paste” to today’s kids, and they’ll think you are talking about rearranging and editing photos, images and documents on their computer. more »»

Corral the Clutter Creatively

October 2, 2009 For the Legomaniac Scott boys and their friends, it was a dream come true when they woke up to the wondrous site of a gigantic Lego truck on the street in front of their house. more »»

Put Some Flower Power in Your Life With Edible Flowers

September 4, 2009 “You can have your cake and blossoms too,” was the greeting my friend Janet proclaimed when she arrived for coffee time on my deck last week. more »»

Jack's Million-Dollar Bars Are a Bake Sale Hit

July 1, 2009 Garage-sale season arrived in our neighborhood in grand style when a group of energetic teens and their parents recently put on a super sale under a big white tent in the middle of the block to rais... more »»

Welcome Baby Home With Wearable Art

May 6, 2009 Is there soon to be a new baby in the house? As the new member joins the family, the household may feel as if it’s been turned upside dow. more »»

Create Sandpaper Art

April 6, 2009 Kids are always eager to draw pictures. They know firsthand the pleasure of putting crayon to paper (and to an occasional wall or two) to express what’s in their imagination. more »»

Write a Tale About a Family Pet

March 4, 2009 A family pet can be a parent’s best friend. more »»

A House for Your Feathered Friends

January 8, 2009 Not all birds fly south for the winter!  Identify the feathered friends that frequent your neighborhood and then make a birdhouse with your family using simple supplies such as a cardboard milk... more »»

Ornament-Decorating Party

December 3, 2008 Deck the halls and trim your Christmas tree with colorful, easy-to-assemble shiny ornaments. more »»



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