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Ornament-Decorating Party

December 3, 2008
Donna Erickson
Deck the halls and trim your Christmas tree with colorful, easy-to-assemble shiny ornaments. Choose a craft to fit the abilities of each child so that your whole family can share in the festive spirit of holiday preparation.

You also might use this holiday season as an excuse to invite friends over for an evening of ornament-making. Creating decorations calls forth the imagination, and if we make them with friends of all ages, a happy, artistic collaboration takes place. Best of all, the messiness and the laughter glues together more than ornaments. Memories are made, friendship bonds are strengthened, and the special event might become a new tradition.

Here are some quick and easy ornament-making ideas:


Express your creativity by decorating purchased or previous years’ plain ball ornaments using nontoxic permanent markers or glitter paint in squeeze bottles. If you print names on the ornaments, they can double as a place card at your holiday dinner table and as a Christmas 2008 gift memento.


Remove the metal cap from the top of a clear round ornament. Add a couple of drops of water inside the ornament, then a couple of drops of acrylic paint. Gently swirl it around. Add a second color if you wish, and repeat for a marbled effect. Replace the metal cap when paint is dry.


Use a glue gun to attach a small clear ball ornament to the top of a larger one to form the head and body. Use a paintbrush to add a few brushstrokes of white glitter paint. Let dry. Use a marker or paint to create eyes and mouth. Glue a small orange felt cutout for a carrot nose. Dress him with a knit or soft fabric scarf where the two balls are glued together. Glue in place, then add a little hat. Find two twigs outdoors and glue onto the large ball for arms.

“The grandkids are coming!” tip: Start a new tradition and give your grandchild a purchased or homemade ornament each year. The growing collection from you will be treasured in years to come.

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