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Secrets of Jack Frost

March 21, 2016
By Heidi Maness Hartwiger - Natural Parent, Natural Child , OVParent

One of the essential keys to successful parenting is a vast storehouse of secret knowledge. Some might call it trivial information while others see it as a gold mine. You never know what circumstance will invite you to spring forth with odd yet germane information. So, you must dip into your storehouse of secret knowledge.

Take the case of Jack Frost. Have you noticed that kids pick the most inopportune times to ask off the wall questions which require a visit to the storehouse? There you are in the self checkout line at the grocery or attempting something that requires total focus. You feel the tap, tap, tap on your arm accompanied by "Mom, Mom!" There is urgency in your preschooler's voice. "Mom, who is Jack Frost?"

This is your fork in the road. Should you say, "Don't interrupt me. Can't you see I am busy?" Bam -the door of communication slams shut. You make a mental note to self about having the "don't interrupt talk" again a later time. Or ... you could eek out a little time by saying, "That's an amazing question. I need a little time to think about it." If you do buy the time and plan to maintain credibility, you better address the question as soon as you finish the task at hand.

Back to our buddy Jack Frost. Jack Frost often pops up in the morning weather conversations at school. By quoting these Cecily E. Pike words:"Look out, look out, Jack Frost is about. He's after our fingers and toes," many a nursery school teacher has been known to speed along the bundling up process with the kids.

So just exactly who is Jack Frost? In various cold weather cultures from Norse and Russian to British and American, Jack Frost has earned his place in weather folklore. Not to be confused with old man winter, Jack Frost is a lively elf or sprite-like figure. He is a trickster who shows up with the advent of cold weather, spends the winter pinching noses and nipping toes before he moves along as spring approaches.

Old timers say the first hard frost of autumn signals to the trees that it is time to begin the transformation from green to breathtaking colors. Folktales suggest that deep within his trickster heart, Jack Frost is an artist. With his elfin paint brushes and buckets of scarlet, gold and orange paints, he sneaks about in the dark of night painting the tree leaves while people are fast asleep tucked deep in their quilts.




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