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T. Rex and Turkey

November 14, 2016
By Robert and Libby Strong and Richard Pollack - SMART Science , OVParent

Have you ever pulled a turkey's "wish bone" with one of your brothers, sisters or cousins? If you have, this long tradition shows a connection between one of the favorite Thanksgiving foods and a long extinct carnivore, the T. rex!

The wishbone is found in all birds and is sort of like the clavicle, or collar bone, in humans.

These clavicle bones are fused together at the sternum to make the furcula. All true birds have this bone in their bodies.

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All theropod dinosaurs like the T. Rex also had this bone! Theropod dinosaurs included the spinosaurus and velociraptor, as well.

The photo below shows a cast of a furcula of a rather recently discovered T. rex called Hank. In 1990, the large T. rex called Sue was the first to prove that the T. rex did in fact have a furcula, proving its close relationship to birds.

Can you think of other characteristics that dinosaurs could have in common with today's birds?

If you are thinking feathers, that is a great guess. Some dinosaur fossils have been found with evidence of feathers. Some impressions of feathers have been found surrounding the outer edges of fossilized dinosaurs.

If a T.rex had feathers,

what would it look like?

Get out your crayons, paper and imagination, and draw a feathered T. rex. Ask your friends to draw a feathered T.rex, too.

For some more information about what the T.rex and turkeys have in common, see this link:

So, when someone asks you what a T.rex might have tasted like, you could say: "Tastes like turkey!"



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